Tips for the Donor Detail Section



The specific information and communication details for a contact/donor.

You may add a donor from the dashboard button. The following info can be seen on the individual record.

General Donor Tab
Donor Info area:

This area must be saved after a change.

If you delete a donor, it is permanently removed. There is not an undo feature available. So be sure you want to delete your record.

The Donor Options area:

Here is where you can group your donors/contacts.

  • All primary email addresses will receive an email (when it is sent) if they are on an email list designated under the options section that you have created. i.e. news email list. (Only primary email addresses will be synced to Mailchimp.)
  • If there is a red triangle after the email address on their donor tab in the communications area, then the email address is invalid or undeliverable and cannot be used. This prevents your emails from being listed as spam on a Blacklist Report internet providers block. The triangle is applied after the email has bounced twice at least 1 week apart. For Mailchimp, the triangle is applied after an email hard bounces, and the email address is marked as cleaned in Mailchimp.
    FAQ - What report shows those in each email list? Donor Option Export See Tips on Reports
  • Corresponds with Related items: Donor Option Export (Under Reports Section), Email Section List, Promotional Queue and Utilities.
The Address area and Communication email area:

To see a list of contacts in a given option group, they can be seen on the Donor Options Export Report.

Contribution Donor Tab
  • ‘Print Receipt’ lists all donations for this donor in a pdf and downloads it.
  • ‘Add Contribution’ brings up a modal that has a field for all characteristics of that donation.

This tab is where a pledge is associated with a donation. A motivation can be assigned here as well. If you have a batch created, you can assign the donation here. If not, you can assign it later in the Batches/Reconciliation area.

Once you have added at least one donation, there is an icon found at the line end to print a receipt for that individual donation. The pencil, at the left of the line, will allow for editing.

Promotional Donor Tab
  • Corresponds with Related Items: Promotional Section.

    Here is where a promotional can be recorded.

    If the promotional is assigned with a ‘date requested’ only and the ‘date sent’ area is left blank, then this will show up in the promotional queue for follow up. If the ‘date sent’ is assigned then it will only show here in the donor area as a history.

Orders Tab

Here is where an order may be recorded. When an order is added a modal will display all the fields needed to describe the order, including a batch field to reconcile with donations that are deposited into your financial account. The right bottom of the modal displays an ‘add items’ button that provides an area, upon click, to add an order and also a donation with an order.

Pledge Commitments

Here is where you may add a pledge to a donor record. You must add a pledge here first to be able to assign a donation to a pledge on the contribution tab.

A pledge here must also be created to match a contribution to a pledge campaign. See Tips for Pledge Campaigns for more information