Tips for the Donor Payment Batches Section

Payment Batches:


To organize your donations into groups to match your financial account deposit entries.

Batches Table Tab

This is where batches are created. When a batch is added, a modal will display fields to allow for a description of the batch. After a batch has been saved, there will be a details link on the left where you can view a summary of the contents of the batch. If there are no donations assigned to this batch, it will be empty.

After balancing, reconciling, and closing your batch, you can archive it to prevent any further changes.

Note: Remember the archive function cannot be undone however, so be sure you are finished with it before that action is taken.

The batch name field is required. The batches can be filtered by the drop down area at the top or with an advanced filter. They can also be searched and ordered by the column names. Any listed batches displayed may be printed with the print button there. The top right area shows the total of all batches displayed by the filter you have chosen.

Reconciliation Tab

This is where all the donations are listed that have not been assigned to a batch. Here you can assign them, at the bottom of the page, by selecting from the drop down of the listed open batches and clicking the ‘assign to’ button after checking the one you want to move.