• Community Driven

  • Low Donation Based Cost

  • Clean and Simple User Friendly Interface

  • Adaptable tracking to meet all your needs

  • Monitor volunteer hours and pledges

  • Internal Banking Reconciliation (Works With Quickbooks)

  • Free phone and email support


  • No Limitations

    Unlimited users and donors.

  • Donation Tracking

    Track donations and print receipts.

  • Communication

    Generate emails, letters and promotional mailing to groups of donors. Syncs with Mailchimp.

  • Donation Widget

    Quickly receive donations into your MyDonors via your widget even if you don't have your own website.

  • Order Tracking

    Track products and orders.

  • Promotional Tracking

    Queue and track promotional mailings.

  • Verify

    Reconcile bank deposits with donation batches.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard

    View donations, donors counts email counts etc. all on one page.

  • Data Import

    We can assist with importing your data from existing files or other systems. contact us with questions.

Integrates With

Upcoming Features

December 2022 Merge duplicate donor files function
June 2022 Member voting enhancement system
Completed Integration with PayPal
Completed Integration with Stripe
Completed Integration with Mail Chimp
Completed Custom letter generation
Completed Affiliation contact report
Completed Add Pledge tracking
Completed Login with a Google account
Completed Manage multiple companies


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The MyDonors team uses the collaborative approach to building software. We consider it our privilege to provide features and functionality guided by you and important to the nonprofit community. With this in mind, we request a base subscription fee of $2 and we've structured the pricing as follows:


For donations under $5,000 a month:
  • Unlimited donors, unlimited users
  • $2 a month auto-subscription


For donations under $100,000 a month:
  • Unlimited donors, unlimited users
  • 5 community votes
  • 0.15% of overage toward maintenance and enhancements for the MyDonors community, plus $2 base subscription fee (not to exceed $225 a month)


For donations over $100,000 a month:
  • Unlimited donors, unlimited users
  • 10 community votes
  • 0.15% of overage toward maintenance and enhancements for the MyDonors community, plus $2 base subscription fee (not to exceed $225 a month)

Use the slider below to get an idea of what you'll pay in a month based on donations

If you have receieved $ 1,000.00 in donations, Your Contribution to the Mydonors Community would be: $2.00

MyDonors Community Members

Laura Wolanski

Assistant Director - The Pulse Christian Youth Center

"Thank you so much for creating myDonors.info! It's easy to use and meets the needs of our small ministry where Quickbooks couldn't. We have even trained volunteers to enter donations. The program is flexible for different types of donations, and best of all - it prepares and prints donors receipts for tax deductions! We love it!"

Heather Clark

Administrative Manager - The Way Free Medical Clinic

"The Way Free Medical Clinic uses information from MyDonors reports to help raise 100% of the donations needed to provide free medical care to uninsured, low-income residents in Clay County, Florida. We can not only track all of our incoming donations, whether it be monetary or goods and services, we can also track the many hours of volunteer time that we rely on to provide free medical care to the needy. This data comes in handy when applying for grants and justifying the value of our donor's investment. MyDonors has features comparable to software that costs thousands of dollars and is extremely user friendly, besides the fact that it is the most affordable option out there for tracking philanthropy. Thanks, MyDonors!"

Herb Montgomery

Director - Renewed Heart Ministries

"We have been using My Donors from its very beginning As a small nonprofit, that prioritizes keeping overhead and administrative costs low, there is no better option out there for maintaining all the information that is vital to fostering and investing in quality relationships with those who contribute and support your organization. Whether you are a start up nonprofit with limited resources, or you are a well seasoned nonprofit that is conscientious regarding keeping administrative costs low so the majority of your support can be spent on fulfilling your mission, this is one cost saving choice that will not hurt you in the long run. What an organization receives from My Donors for what one pays for My Donors is hands down the best option out there, to date."


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