Setting Up Your myDonors

To begin setting up your myDonors database you will need to add the information for your company in the Organizational Settings if it is not already there. Make sure to add your logo and check the tax ID box if you want them to show on your receipts.

From here we recommend that you go to your dashboard to begin adding donors and any information related to them. Be sure, if you want to run any reports or generate any bulk promotionals that you have organized them into groups using your donor option settings found on the front tab of your Donor Record.

Donor option settings and the affiliation field help group your donors and contacts.

After you set up your donors either by import* or manual key, take a look at your App Settings and review the information there to see if you need to add or remove anything to customize those settings.

To add donors you will find the link right below and to the right of the main search field on the dashboard. Click "Add Donor" and fill in the fields then continue the donor setup. If there is another donor similar, the program will try to help you by giving you the option to modify a current record or continue to put in a new record. See the referenced video tutorial above to view these areas.

*Import requires assistance.