Tips for the Promotional Section

Promotional Section:


To generate and record bulk promotional items to a group of donors.

Promotional Queue Tab

Here is where you will find a list of promotional items assigned to be sent out to your donors. Here is where you show them completed after they are sent. It will be recorded on the record of the individual donor assigned. You can do a bulk action when sending more than one by selecting the correct item from the drop down and selecting an action then clicking “go”. You can singly mark an item complete by checking it off and completing the promotional fields at the top right accordingly.

Utilities Tab

Here is where you can assign a group of promotional mailings. In order to assign a group of mailings to a donor option, you will need to first assign the donor option to your subscribers. If John Donor wants a CD each month, he will have to be assigned to the CD of the Month donor option. All subscribers to the donor option group CD of the Month will be put in the queue when you select the promotion and the CD of the Month donor option and click “add promo”. This will generate a bulk list you create to the promotional queue. Once you click “add promo” with your choice, they will show on the promotional queue tab.

After they show on the promotional queue tab, you may show a completion of an item there or choose another action.

Promotionals can be added to donors with an option mail code in the first line area on this tab or a promotional can be added to donors who have donated within certain dates on the 2nd line area provided.