MyDonors Help Reference Page

Welcome to myDonors helps. Here you will find an overview of myDonors and the topics that explain different features and areas of the myDonors program. Please feel free to choose your topic from the menu at the left when needed.

Getting started:

After logging into your myDonors database you will find a menu at the top right that houses the magnifying glass for searching, the dashboard gauge for accessing the dashboard, a small gear shaped icon for your menu items and a person icon to logout or toggle between organizations. From the dashboard, where you begin, you will find the main search field and the add donor link. Check out the different menu items and features to determine how it will best assist your organization. As you have questions regarding the features or want to review an informative article or tips regarding them, visit this area of myDonors helps where answers and information are provided. Click on the menu to the left to begin and find your topic.

Overview Note:

In the helps areas you will find a reference to tabs and sections. Below you will find a definition of a tab and a section. For a detailed explanation regarding these and their functions throughout the program, see our tutorial area in the menu. Let's Begin! "How to Setup Your myDonors"